Ультразвуковой контроль
Ультразвуковой контроль Ультразвуковой контроль Ультразвуковой контроль Ультразвуковой контроль Ультразвуковой контроль, обнаружение несплошностей

The ultrasonic test is currently considered as a standard method for application in oil and gas industry, atomic energy industry, and in the field of municipal services. Together with technical maintenance it is extremely important to minimize accidents, and to reduce operational losses, as well as to prevent technogenic accidents at industrial facilities. The non-destructive testing laboratory LLC "RSC" is ready to offer its clients services in thickness measurement and flaw detection of welds, welded zone, base metal by means of ultrasound. We work throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.


Ultrasound waves represent elastic vibrations that are excited in the structure of the object under study, the particles of the object do not move along the direction of wave movement. Each particle, having made an oscillatory motion with respect to its original orientation, occupies the initial position and the next particle is already vibrating. Having reached the heterogeneity of the metal (these can be inclusions, pores, fissures, cracks, etc.) vibrations (signal) are reflected and returned to the source of excitation, which is fixed by the apparatus. The defect and its characteristics are determined by the speed, shape and amplitude of the signal. Depending on characteristics.

The ultrasonic method of non-destructive testing makes it possible to determine such areas as:

Areas of inhomogeneous density and with an inhomogeneous material structure. In addition, it can identify areas with corrosion, areas of chemical composition incompliance as well as incompliance with dimensions.

The non-destructive testing carried out with ultrasound, to be used in conjunction with radiographic test of weld joints, if it is necessary to recognize and determine the dimensions and characteristics of various defects more clearly.

In addition, it is used to increase the objectivity of the control through selective translucence of areas in which no previous deformations have been found.


As the initial control to determine the different types of deformation such as cracks, bundles, backfins, cavities in order to determine the differences between the sizes of the initial blanks from the result.

During welding and assembling of welding elements to confirm full compliance with all norms of the elements of beveling and root cleanliness, adjacent surfaces, the absence of angular and surface displacement, the size of gaps, the number, location and quality of tack welds.

After finishing of welding or during its execution to determine the defects of welded joints such as cracks, cavities, pores, undercuts, burns and other damages that can be quickly eliminated.

If the weld joint dimension deviates from the accepted standards.

During the diagnosis to identify those or other errors and deviations in the design.

Besides, the control is necessary to determine the deformation of the weld joint, cracks, metal fatigue, corrosion pits and other damage.

  • Statement of conformity to technical documentation requirements at the facility;
  • Certificate of NDT laboratory Attestation;
  • Certificate of NDT inspector Attestation;
  • Certificate of Equipment Verification.

The results are provided in the form of a report. At the request of the Customer method statements to be attached to the report.

Our laboratory provides the complete guarantee on all results of non-destructive test and wall thickness test done by innovative ultrasonic equipment. All equipment of LLC “RSC” and calibration, control samples together with expendable supplies have conformity certificates which meet regulation requirements and Rostekhnadzor norms. All measuring equipment of our laboratory is itemized in state register. We offer our service throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Attendance of NDT inspectors is possible right after confirmation of application and agreement on all nuances of ultrasonic inspection. The staff of our laboratory have II level accreditation to provide ultrasonic inspection. We provide an individual approach to every Client and agree with the cost of performed works. We also have a special bonus discount system for our standing customers. By ordering such a service as visual inspection control of welded joints in our company, you can be sure that the work will be performed on time in a qualitative manner!

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