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X-ray flaw detection or radiographic test (RT) of welding seams and joints is mostly used to check the quality of main gas and oil pipelines, process pipelines, industrial pipelines, steel structures, as well as composite materials and process equipment in a wide range of industries.

X-ray inspection is performed to detect surface and internal defects, for example, slag inclusions, gas pores, microcracks, undercuts and slag inclusions.

Along with other physical methods of control the radiographic test is one of the most effective and reliable means of detecting all kinds of defects. This method of flaw detection is based on various absorption of X-rays by materials.

Defects such as inclusions of foreign materials, various cracks, pores and slags lead to attenuation of x-rays to varying degrees. The registration of the rays’ intensity by means of X-ray inspection helps to determine not only the presence, but also the location of various inhomogeneities of the material being tested.

This method has shown its high level of efficiency in practice in the quality control process to which welding seams and joints are exposed.

  • Maximum précised localization of the smallest defects;
  • Rapid detection of defects in welding joints and seams;
  • The ability to produce a clear assessment of the microstructure - the magnitude of the concavity, the convexity of the root of the seam even in the most inaccessible areas for external examination;
  • Radiographic examination that controls welded structures also makes it possible to detect internal defects such as pores, fissures, tungsten, slag, oxide and other inclusions, undercuts and cracks, shrinkage cavities etc.

Radiographic test is based on the use of radioactive emissions properties. This method is based on the ability of X-rays and gamma rays to pass through the material both through semitransparent bodies with the registration of defects on the magnetographic film. Under the influence of radiation, a latent image is formed on the film, which becomes visible after the photographic processing in the developer and the fixer. To reduce the time of transmission and to ensure better detection of defects to be used fluorescent and metal screens.

  • Statement of conformity to technical documentation requirements at the facility;
  • Certificate of NDT laboratory Attestation;
  • Certificate of NDT inspector Attestation;
  • Certificate of Equipment Verification.

The results are provided in the form of a report. At the request of the Customer method statements to be attached to the report.

We offer our service throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Attendance of NDT inspectors is possible right after confirmation of application and agreement on all nuances of ultrasonic inspection. The staff of our laboratory have II level accreditation to provide ultrasonic inspection.

We provide an individual approach to every Client and agree with the cost of performed works. We also have a special bonus discount system for our standing customers. By ordering such a service as visual inspection control of welded joints in our company, you can be sure that the work will be performed on time in a qualitative manner!

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