Магнитопорошковый контроль
Магнитопорошковый контроль Магнитопорошковый контроль Магнитопорошковый контроль

Magnetic particle test is a method of non-destructive testing based on the recording of magnetic scattering fields arising over defects. For registration is used a powder made of ferromagnet in the form of a magnetic suspension, a powder, or a polymerising mixture. Under certain conditions and the influence of scattering fields, the powder settles on the surface of the object and thereby makes them accessible to visual observation.

The magnetic particle test is used to detect surface and subsurface defects in objects made of ferromagnetic materials. With its help can be revealed defects as follows: cracks of various origin, hairline cracks, backfins or incomplete fusion of welded joints and other defects with a width of several micrometers. This method can be used to control objects with a non-magnetic coating.

For magnetization and demagnetization of parts during magnetic powder inspection the following types of current can be used:

  • AC of power current and overfrequency
  • Half wave DC
  • Three-phase DC
  • DC
  • Impulse current

Magnetic powder is a powder made of ferromagnet used as an indicator of the magnetic field scattering.

Magnetic paste is a mixture containing a magnetic or luminescent magnetic powder, a liquid base and, if necessary, a wetting anticorrosive and other additives.

Magnetic suspension is a slurry of a magnetic or luminescent magnetic powder in a dispersion environment (in liquid-water, kerosene, technical oil, etc.) containing wetting, anticorrosive and, if necessary, antifoams, anticoagulants and other additives.

Here are two ways of applying the indicator:

  • «Wet» method. The magnetized surface is treated by a magnetic suspension by irrigation, immersion of the object in the bath or by aerosol method;
  • «Dry» method. The magnetized surface is treated with dry powder by means of various sprayers or by immersion of the object into a container with powder, and also by the "air suspension" method i.e. by spraying in special cameras. This method is used less often as it requires additional measures to meet hygiene requirements.
  • Reveal cracks, fissures and other internal defects located at a depth of more than 2 mm;
  • Identify subsurface defects with the depth of 2 mm;
  • Identify availability of surface cracks with the width 0.001-0.03 mm and depth 0.01-0.04 mm.
  • Statement of conformity to technical documentation requirements at the facility;
  • Certificate of NDT laboratory Attestation;
  • Certificate of NDT inspector Attestation;
  • Certificate of Equipment Verification.

Our laboratory provides the complete guarantee on all results of magnetic particles test.

All equipment of LLC “RSC” and calibration, control samples together with expendable supplies have conformity certificates which meet regulation requirements and Rostekhnadzor norms. All measuring equipment of our laboratory is itemized in state register

We offer our service throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Attendance of NDT inspectors is possible right after confirmation of application and agreement on all nuances of magnetic particles test. The staff of our laboratory have II and III level accreditation to provide magnetic particles test.

We provide an individual approach to every Client and agree with the cost of performed works. We also have a special bonus discount system for our standing customers. By ordering such a service as magnetic particles test of welded joints in our company, you can be sure that the work will be performed on time in a qualitative manner!

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