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Limited Liability Company “Regionstroycontrol” is specialized in performance the construction and installation works connected with development of oil and gas complex in Russia and CIS. Our Company provides the wide range of quality inspection during installation the technical equipment, steel structures, main pipelines, installation of equipment and fire water pipeline systems, gas and water supply of industrial enterprises, construction of vertical steel tanks and vessels under pressure.

Our major activities are aimed to provide inspection of equipment and materials by means of non-destructive tests at the stages of production, construction, installation, repair, exploitation and technical diagnosis as per laboratory certificate.


1) 1. Facilities of boiler inspection:
1.1 Steam-powered and hot-water boilers.
1.3 Vessels under pressure over 0,07 МPа.
1.4 Steam and hot water pipelines with working pressure over 0,07МPа and water temperature over 1150С.
1.5 Vacuum chambers
2) 2. Gas supply and gas distribution systems:
2.1 External gas pipelines.
2.1.1 External gas pipelines made of steel.
2.1.2 External gas pipelines made of polyethylene and composite materials
2.2 Internal gas pipelines made of steel.
2.3 Parts and units, gas equipment.
3) 3. Lifting facilities:
3.1 Hoisting cranes.
3.2 Hoists.
3.3 Cableways.
3.5 Escalators.
3.6 Elevators.
3.7 Pipelayer cranes.
3.8 Cranes are manipulators.
3.9 Lift platforms for disabled people.
3.10 Crane tracks.
4) 6. Oil and gas industry equipment:
6.1 Equipment for drilling of wells.
6.2 Well operation equipment.
6.3 Equipment for development and repair of wells.
6.4 Gas and oil pumping stations equipment.
6.5 Gas and oil product pipelines.
6.6. Tanks for oil and petroleum products.
5) 8. Equipment of explosive and dangerous hazardous chemical production:
8.1 Equipment of chemical, petrochemical and oil refineries, operating under pressure up to 16 MPa.
8.2 Equipment of chemical, petrochemical and oil refineries, working under pressure over 16 MPa.
8.3 Equipment of chemical, petrochemical and oil refineries, operating under vacuum.
8.4 Tanks for storage of explosive and toxic substances.
8.5 Isothermal storage tanks.
8.6 Cryogenic equipment.
8.7 Ammonia refrigeration equipment.
8.8 Furnaces, boilers VOT, power boilers and waste heat boilers.
8.9 Compressor and pumping equipment.
8.10 Centrifuges, separators.
8.11 Tanks, containers (barrels), cylinders for explosive and toxic substances.
8.12 Process pipelines, steam and hot water pipelines.
6) 11. Buildings and structures (construction facilities):
11.1 Steel structures.
11.2 Concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
11.3 Stone and reinforced stone structures.
Name and type of non-destructive test:
1) 1. Radiation:
1.1 Radiographic.
2) 2. Ultrasonic:
2.1 Ultrasonic Flaw Detection.
2.2 Ultrasonic thickness measurement.
3) 4. Magnetic:
4.1 Magnetic particle test.
4) 6. Penetrating substances:
6.1 Dye penetrant
6.2 Leakage
5) 8. Electrical.
6) 11. Visual inspection control.


Why do they choose us:

  • Save Your Finance.
    Our goal is long-term cooperation at the most attractive cost on favorable terms below market value.
  • Certified laboratory.
    High-tech equipment we have meets the most advanced requirements for non-destructive testing technologies.
  • We have all necessary licenses and approvals.
    Full package of normative technical documentation, all necessary licenses, certifications, certificates. Our conclusions guarantee the commissioning of the facility on time in accordance with the necessary requirements.
  • Skilled staff.
    Experts recruited to the work undergo periodic re-certification and attestation. Experience of the best specialists is more than 20 years.
  • Quality system of the company.
    We issue conclusions on the results of real surveys, we are responsible for the quality of the work performed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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